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Ensuring your AWS resources are available and performing optimally can be daunting. To maintain optimal availability and performance, it’s important to have a cloud operations strategy in place that allows you to quickly identify and resolve issues. This means having visibility into all aspects of your AWS environment and proactively identifying issues before they impact your business.

Luxbill collaborates with you by listening to your specific needs and expectations and we’ll apply our expertise to reduce your overall operational load. We take the time to understand your business goals and constraints, which allows us to provide you with a cloud operations strategy that is tailored specifically for your business. Our AWS-certified experts have years of experience in monitoring, managing, and provisioning cloud resources for reliable availability and optimal performance of your AWS cloud environment.

Benefits of Cloud Operations with Luxbill

Gain Optimal Performance of Your AWS Cloud

Effective cloud operations management requires cloud expertise and experience. With Luxbill, you not only gain our team of skilled and experienced engineers, architects, and InfraOps specialists but also benefit from our specialization in AWS. Our deep understanding of AWS and how its products and resources work together allows us to manage your AWS environment more effectively than going at it on your own.

Innovation Without Distraction

Luxbill offers comprehensive cloud operations services that reduces the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your AWS environment. We continuously monitor, operate, and optimize your AWS environment, enabling your team to focus on driving innovation.

Proactive AWS Monitoring

Proactive problem detection and resolution are crucial for maintaining optimal cloud availability and performance. Luxbill provides always-on AWS monitoring and continuous engagement with customers to provide recommendations and best practices for AWS resource utilization.

Reliable Response & Support

With 100% of incidents within our SLA commitments, Luxbill provides around-the-clock cloud operations support and averages less than 15 minutes for incident response time.

Optimal Availability & Performance

Luxbill continuously works with you to ensure that your AWS environment is configured correctly to support your business goals. We interpret your key data points and take action as needed to maintain your cloud environment’s optimal availability and performance.

Cost Optimization

Luxbill FinOps cloud analysts collaborate with our cloud ops engineers to proactively identify underutilized resources and make recommendations on optimizing your AWS environment for cost efficiency.

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Luxbill implements AWS best practices for security and compliance in order to protect your AWS resources and environment. We work with you to understand your specific security and compliance needs and help you stay up-to-date on the latest security threats and vulnerabilities.

AWS Cloud Environment & Resources Oversight Tooling

Your Access to All the Right Tools

Luxbill implements all of the cloud operations tools you need to manage your cloud environment, including proactive monitoring, resource provisioning, and availability, and performance management.

Improve Cloud Efficiency Based on Monitoring Data

New Relic’s AWS monitoring capabilities offer the visibility and insights needed to manage your AWS environment effectively. With New Relic, we monitor all of your AWS resources in one place, quickly identify and resolve issues, and proactively work to improve performance.

Benefit from Expert Interpretations of Key Cloud Metrics

Luxbill engages Cloud Health by VMware for visibility and insights needed to manage costs, optimize performance, and ensure compliance and security of your AWS environment. Our team of experts interprets your AWS cloud metrics and takes action as needed to maintain optimal availability and performance of your AWS cloud environment.

Create a More Secure Cloud Environment

Alert Logic’s industry-leading security-as-a-service platform provides comprehensive visibility and protection for your AWS environment. Luxbill uses Alert Logic to quickly and easily deploy a robust security solution that meets compliance requirements and scales with your business.


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“Luxbill has been an incredible partner, bringing impressive and extensive AWS cloud management expertise. With their continuous engagement model, Luxbill really functions as an extension of our own IT team. I would recommend Luxbill and AWS to any of my colleagues.”

Jay Wessland, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer



“We pushed to get the AWS infrastructure under Luxbill control so we could have a single source for monitoring our environment. We can sleep better knowing that Luxbill is keeping close tabs on things that are happening. They provide us with a higher level of security and monitoring of our environment 24/7 so we can focus on our front-end and back-end applications.

Jonathan Fishbeck, Founder and CEO


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