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Data Science & AI/ML

What is data science?

 Data science is the in-depth statistical analysis of data to obtain actionable business insights. AI/ML is critical for data science because it enables machines to tackle problems that rule-based analytics cannot easily handle. Luxbill data science and AI/ML services strategically apply AI/ML solutions to improve product innovation, model production, decision-making, and business operations.


Business Benefits of Data Science & AI/ML on AWS

What Luxbill data science & AI/ML services can do for your business

The practical application of data science can bring value to any business. Working with Luxbill ensures you have everything you need to get started and find success with data science and AI/ML in helping your organization improve processes, attract new customers, make better-informed decisions, and more.


Discover Business Insights & Trends

By using data science, companies may discover previously unknown insights, patterns, and correlations inside their data that have the potential to revolutionize their business models, operations, and resource management, all of which can have a significant influence on profitability.

Drive Innovation for New Products & Solutions

Data science may uncover issues and deficiencies that might otherwise go unnoticed. Internal and external innovation of solutions and products can be fueled by a better understanding of purchase decisions, consumer feedback, and company processes.

Smarter & Better Response to Change

It's difficult to react quickly to changing conditions, especially if you are a large organization and if done improperly it can result in considerable costs and business disruption. Data science can help you predict, anticipate, plan, and respond to changing situations in real time.

Process & Delivery of Data Science Solutions

Ensuring data science success through AWS best practices

A data science process usually stems from a business problem or opportunity. Luxbill begins by working with you and internal stakeholders to determine your business requirements and objectives. Our team of data scientists and analysts apply the AWS-approved OSEMN data science approach to ensure your initiatives successfully meet your expectations and drive intended business outcomes.

O: Obtain Data

Either pre-existing, newly gathered, or downloaded from an online data store, Luxbill extracts your data from internal or external databases, CRM software, web server logs, social media, or purchased from a third-party vendor.

S: Scrub Data

Data scrubbing, also known as data cleaning, standardizes data to a specified format. Luxbill data scientists apply this method in dealing with missing data, correcting data inaccuracies, and deleting any data outliers.

E: Explore Data

Next, exploratory data analysis is necessary for the planning of subsequent data model strategies. Luxbill applies descriptive statistics and data visualization tools to help us better understand your data at the outset. We then look for patterns that may require further investigation.

M: Model Data

ML is used to gain deeper insights, forecast results, and predict the best course of action. Our data scientists apply ML techniques like association, classification, and clustering to the training data set, and your model is tested and fine-tuned for functionality and accuracy. Luxbill has extensive experience working with Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, recommendation engines, predictive analytics, and successfully getting ML models to production.

N: Interpret Results

Luxbill data scientists and analysts work with you to convert findings into actionable data insights. We use data visualization tools such as Amazon Quicksight to help present trends and predictions into understandable business insights through diagrams, graphs, and charts. Data summarization then helps your business understand and use the results to drive business outcomes.

Leveraging AI/ML through AWS has never been easier

Luxbill can jump-start your next AI/ML project by providing you with all the experience and expertise you need to immediately start exploring and leveraging AWS data science and AI/ML solutions. As an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with the Data and Analytics Competency, Luxbill offers seamless integration and deployment across a wide range of AWS data science tools.

Data Storage

Amazon Redshift: Perform complex queries against structured and unstructured data for data warehousing.

AWS Glue: A serverless ETL engine for semi-structured data that produces a unified catalog of data in a data lake with metadata to make it searchable.

Machine Learning

Amazon Sagemaker: A fully-managed ML service on Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) enables users to scale operations, organize data, as well as build, train, and deploy ML models.
Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler: Reduces the time to gather and prepare data for ML from weeks to minutes, and you can do everything from a single interface.

Data Analytics

Amazon Athena: An interactive query service that enables rapid analysis of data stored in Amazon S3 or Glacier. It is quick, serverless, and utilizes standard SQL queries.
Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR): A service that processes large amounts of data using servers such as Spark and Hadoop.
Amazon Kinesis: Enables real-time gathering and processing of streaming data. It makes use of website clickstreams, application logs, and IoT device telemetry data.Amazon Kinesis: Enables real-time gathering and processing of streaming data. It makes use of website clickstreams, application logs, and IoT device telemetry data.

Amazon OpenSearch: Search, analyze, and visualize petabytes of data.
Amazon QuickSight: Business Intelligence (BI) tool for fast and easy data visualization and dashboards without complex integrations.

We’ll Find You the Right AI/ML-Powered Solutions for Your Business

Harness the power of AI/ML for endless possibilities

Our data science and AI/ML expertise include supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning capabilities that allow us to find and select the best algorithms and models for your next data science project. When existing options are inadequate, our multidisciplinary team of AWS-certified data scientists and cloud experts will assist you in creating and implementing newly customized solutions tailored to your specifications and business objectives.

Our extensive Data Science and AI/ML knowledge and expertise allow us to provide services and solutions around:


ML Models

Develop ML models that feature classification, regression, prediction, clustering, association rules, and anomaly detection using supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement, self-learning, and mixed-learning algorithms.

Recommendation Engines

Set up ML-driven recommender systems that evaluate historical interactions and characteristics of objects and users to generate reliable, tailored, and effective recommendations.

Augmented Analytics

Leverage AI and ML to automate and improve analytics at every stage of the data lifecycle. Democratize your data and prompt data literacy by enabling more people in your organization to extract meaningful insight from various data sources.

Cognitive Solutions

Cognitive analytics applies human-like intelligence to tasks and is used to tap into unstructured data sources. Enhance innovation and create solutions using cognitive technologies such as computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics, and automation.

Deep Learning

Deep learning models progress and improve over time by recognizing sophisticated patterns in images, text, audio, and other data, resulting in more precise insights and predictions. deep learning on the cloud allows you to design, develop and train deep learning applications faster.


ModelOps ensures that all models in production have the best possible outcomes. ModelOps solutions automate risk management and regulatory compliance processes so that models may be checked and assessed for technical conformance, commercial value, and business and operational risk.

Necessary Data Skillsets You Need to Succeed

Expertise that’s always there when you need it

Our AWS-certified team of data scientists and experts are always on and ready to assist you with your most challenging and complex data science and AI/ML initiative. We work with you through the entire process and always look at all the best in data and AI/ML that AWS has to offer in selecting the best data and AI/ML solutions that are aligned with your business objectives and desired outcomes.

Luxbill collaborates closely with your business and IT teams to address a wide range of data science needs and challenges and aid you in making data-driven decisions about your company’s AI/ML strategy.


Engagement Manager

Data Consultant

ML Engineer

Data Architect



JibJab, a digital entertainment studio that enables users to browse, customize, and send personalized eCards, needed a cloud managed services partner with deep machine learning expertise to help build out a new head cropping technique for their new product, Starring You Books. Luxbill successfully built JibJab an ML solution capable of quickly and automatically cropping a user’s face and hair from an uploaded image, which then was applied to fun and whimsical characters to be printed and delivered as a book product. Luxbill exceeded JibJab’s expectations of building an algorithm that cropped and produced high-quality images with 90% accuracy instead of the original accuracy goal of 85%, enabling an enhanced customer experience and high-quality product.



7SIGNAL’s existing architecture was not able to efficiently leverage modern cloud services, leading to performance and scalability struggles – and holding back the development of new product capabilities for monitoring customers’ wireless networks.

The company enlisted Luxbill to rebuild its AWS architecture and create a new alerting agent application that could analyze millions of streaming data messages daily (and deliver near real-time customer alerts whenever WiFi errors or anomalies occur). With this Mission-designed and verified AWS architecture, 7SIGNAL gains a performant and scalable solution for advancing its services and meeting future customer growth. The company also leverages Luxbill’s data, analytics, and machine learning (DAML) practice for bringing its predictive analytics application to market.


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