Mission Control

Your platform for cloud visibility, insights, and collaboration

Mission Control

A cloud services platform tailor-built for AWS
Mission Control is the first of its kind, a cloud services platform. It lives at the intersection of cloud management platforms, work management platforms, and cloud managed services, but is built specifically for AWS. With Mission Control, you get visibility of your cloud environment paired with real-time access to our teams of AWS experts. Book A Demo Today

Mission Control Features

The tools to understand your cloud and the guidance to make the most of it


Scorecards help you improve your environment by measuring your alignment to best practices across Cost, Operations, Security, Reliability, and Performance.


When we identify an opportunity to improve your environment, an analyst generates a Recommendation which outlines its benefits and is tailored to your specific business goals.


Resources lets you view your most critical AWS resources in a single view, see resource-specific recommendations, and monitor any resource-specific alerts.

Support Ticketing & Chat

Support Ticketing and Live Chat are available for real-time support when you need help with technical troubleshooting or an ongoing issue.

Why Mission Control?

Not just data visualization—the expertise to interpret it and create outcomes
Mission Control helps you monitor and analyze your environment, which may seem similar to a cloud management platform. But Mission Control also leverages our expert analysis of your business, industry, objectives, and the unique concerns and needs of your architecture.
For every insight, alert, or datapoint we visualize, you’ll have access to an expert to help you understand what it means, why it matters, and how to act on it.

Discuss Your Opportunities

In addition to the visualizations we generate, we’ll meet with you regularly to talk through areas where you may be overspending or architected inefficiently.

Contextualized Support

We build a unified history of your conversations with us and can see the Recommendation you’re acting on, the Scorecard which prompted a ticket, or the specific resource you’re concerned about.

Track Your Impact

As you become well architected, see the actual dollars we’ve helped you save and the impact of your architectural decisions over time.

Built for AWS

Every part of Mission Control was designed for AWS and will continuously evolve to support AWS services and programs.


The tools to understand your cloud and the guidance to make the most of it
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