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At Mission Cloud, we believe our team members are the key to our success. The diversity of our people and their talents keep us at the forefront of our industry.


Celebrate Diversity

Be Inclusive. Rise Together

Guided by our core values, Mission Cloud is committed to creating a diverse, fair, and inclusive space where our people, community, and stakeholders are heard and acknowledged. We strive to create a safe, empathetic, and progressive place to discover and embrace our authentic selves.


Purpose & Drive

“At Mission Cloud, we practice core cultural values that champion work-life balance, inclusivity, professional growth, and a supportive workplace that offers our employees everything they need to succeed.”

Karoline Saffi

Karoline Saffi

SVP of People & Culture

Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce

By being transparent with the current state of our company, we remain accountable and dedicated in our efforts to become a truly diverse and inclusive workforce.

Measuring Our Progress

We currently measure identity representation and diversity by gender, race and ethnicity, sexuality, and armed forces veteran status. We are always refining how we measure our progress and provide transparency into the current state of diversity at Mission Cloud.

Current Team Member Diversity

Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

Mission Cloud Employee Resource Groups (ERG) are voluntary, employee-led groups that foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organizational mission, values, goals, business practices, and objectives. There are currently six ERGs at Mission Cloud.

Black at Mission (BAM)

BAM's mission is to drive the success of our Black employees. BAM facilitates opportunities for professional development, maintains a safe space, increases representation of Black employees at all levels of leadership, and actively contributes to the greater Black community.

Centered Acceptance, Living Mindfully (CALM)

CALM provides resources, facilitation, and community building around personal wellbeing, including mental and physical health. Through events, newsletters, and an internal Slack channel, CALM helps Mission Cloud employees integrate their wellbeing as part of their workday.

People of Color (POC)

POC’s mission is to create an intentional space to uncover the experiences, sentiments, and needs of employees of color. POC’s goal is to increase the involvement and participation of people of color within Mission Cloud, provide professional development opportunities, and offer representation at all levels of the organization.

People Respecting Individuality (and) Sexuality (at) Mission (PRISM)

PRISM's mission is to empower and support LGBTQQIAA+ employees by providing a platform for equal representation to promote and enhance leadership development at all levels within Mission Cloud. PRISM raises cultural awareness and focuses on fair representation in our networks. We provide a safe space to connect, communicate, and address LGBTQQIAA+ issues.

Values Advisory Comittee (VAC)

The VAC is a group of cross-functional, diverse team members. The VAC regularly meets to identify issues, discuss ways to cultivate a culture aligned with our core values, and advise Senior Leadership based on those discussions. The VAC is continuously in touch with fellow team members to ensure everyone's voice is represented.

Women’s Input Successfully Driving Our Mission (WISDOM)

WISDOM's mission is to inspire confidence and drive growth for the women of Mission Cloud and the women of our community. WISDOM offers a safe forum to connect and address issues facing women by honoring our backgrounds and our uniqueness. WISDOM seeks to inspire all who identify as women to fearlessly seek knowledge, be boldly courageous, and create meaningful connections.

Investing In Our People Mission Cloud is dedicated to delivering a purposeful, enriching experience. We do this by focusing on recruiting, developing, rewarding, and retaining our people.

We view development as an Evolution. No matter where you start, we have programs to help you attain the skills and experience you need to move forward in your career. We sponsor technical and professional training for everyone – no exceptions – and help you get one-on-one feedback through structured mentorship and coaching. Team members map out their professional goals with their managers, and are encouraged to move up, sideways, or anywhere they feel they can develop.


Leadership comes in many forms. Some of our team members are driven to become leaders in their technical area, and others are excited by the potential to manage and develop a team. We foster technical and professional development of our team members through our leadership development programs. Our technical leaders become APN Ambassadors, building their own brands as experts in AWS technology. Team members can also become great people leaders through our Leadership Badge program and training on management competencies.Through this curriculum, leaders gain management skills, build strategic thinking capabilities, and learn how to build a culture where inclusivity and well-being are paramount.


Creating the Best Workplace for Our People

Experience Mission Cloud

Our people and culture shape our unwavering commitment to creating a productive and engaging workplace. We tirelessly seek ways to optimize for progressive transformation and embrace opportunities that emerge

Distributed Team Commitment

At Mission Cloud, we know that successfully working in a distributed fashion is not simply “working from home.” Team members need the proper tools and support for a work environment conducive to productivity and engagement.

Our Distributed Team Commitment is built around:

  • Putting family first
  • Respecting work hours
  • Setting boundaries to prevent virtual meeting fatigue
  • Supporting flexibility around personal needs
  • Prioritizing physical and mental health
  • Remaining connected

Looking? Consider Mission Cloud.

We tirelessly seek ways to optimize for progressive transformation and embrace emerging opportunities. We are dedicated to hiring diverse talent and prioritize that every team member feels welcomed, appreciated, and heard. We celebrate diversity and inclusion by making every effort to create a safe and inclusive workplace that provides everyone with an equal opportunity to thrive.If you are interested in being part of a diverse team passionate about working together, exchanging insights, and achieving success for its customers and organization, consider Mission Cloud.



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