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By today’s standards, true modern software applications are cloud-native with capabilities to serve millions of users, are globally available, handle incredible amounts of data, and deliver near-instant response times. Yet many companies struggle to build modern software applications in the cloud due to the lack of technical expertise and skillsets to utilize and manage the technology necessary to develop them.

Luxbill is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner that offers cloud-native software & application development and modernization services that boost innovation, reduce costs, accelerate time to market, and increase performance and reliability. With over 150 years of combined software engineering experience, our team of AWS-certified Solutions Architects and expert software engineers can help you design, build, deploy and maintain modern software applications on AWS.

Certified AWS Expertise

As an AWS Premier Tier Services Provider, Luxbill focuses exclusively on AWS. Our AWS-certified Solutions Architects and software engineers demonstrate an expert level of proficiency in AWS’ extensive portfolio of modern software application development tools and resources.

Access to Highly-Skilled Talent

Resolve software & application development challenges with our team of experts for a fraction of the cost of building an in-house team. Our language-agnostic software engineers provide the highest professional software & application development services available.

Design & Build Intelligently

Luxbill helps application development teams work smarter, faster, and more efficiently to modernize their applications on AWS to realize the benefits of increased reliability and performance, improved efficiency, and optimized cloud spend.

Accelerate Innovation

Our agile and iterative service delivery model and efficient development processes honed over years of delivering successful software application development projects lend to reduced timelines in releasing new products and features.

Access to Highly-Skilled Talent

AWS Modern Software & Application Development Service Offerings

Our engineering capabilities combined with our proven agile delivery process provide you with modern, performance-driven, reliable, and scalable custom software application solutions. Whether you are a startup that’s just getting started or an established enterprise, Luxbill can bring your software application initiatives of sizes and complexities to life.

Data Engineering & Analytics

Luxbill’s data engineering experts can help with every aspect of setting up your data lake, lakehouse, data warehouse, or data mart. Specific services we provide include: the development of data ingestion jobs, designing and building the foundation of the data lake, creating data pipelines, establishing an ETL process, and establishing business intelligence and visualization tools such as Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, and Power BI.

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Data models have finite lifetimes and require continuous training. With Luxbill’s AI/ML Operations service, we will develop CI/CD pipelines to keep your model up to date with the latest parameters and hyperparameters. Additionally, we will automate training jobs, QA processes, and parameter validation to ensure the efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of your data models.

Data Science & AI/ML

Luxbill’s data science and engineering experts can help you architect solutions leveraging AWS AI services as well as design custom algorithms to generate deeper insights about your business. Custom algorithms can be created in predictive analytics, natural language processing, recommendation engines, and more.

Luxbill Team Capabilities & Skills

Strategic Software Consulting
User Experience & User Interface Design
User Experience & User Interface Design
Mobile Application Development
Enterprise Application Development

Featured Skills

React & React Native


Ruby on Rails
Native iOS


Hi There Solutions

Hi There Solutions LLC is a startup company that develops powerful mobile application solutions aimed at improving communication for the D(d)eaf and Hard of Hearing. The company sought an expert AWS services provider to manage its complex backend cloud infrastructure and implement all requisite API integrations to launch its latest apps.

By partnering with Luxbill, Hi There Solutions successfully launched its award-winning mobile applications to a global audience, with accuracy and uptime that far outperforms alternatives. Luxbill continues to manage the AWS cloud infrastructure powering Hi There Solutions’ real-time captioning, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, instant messaging, and animated American Sign Language emojis capabilities during video calls or in-person conversations.

“I would absolutely recommend Luxbill based on their remarkable responsiveness, creativity, forethought, and the seamlessness working together with us and our frontend development firm, KiwiTech. Building Hi There Solutions continues to be an exciting journey, and we’re thrilled to have Luxbill as our partner.”

Chase Prieve, Founder


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