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There are many great reasons to join our team. Because we work with some of the nation’s premier companies, you’ll have ample opportunity to advance in your career. In addition to competitive benefits and compensation, we offer support for ongoing training to help you expand and update your skills. And, our career support team works closely with you to understand your professional and personal goals. This positions you for success by ensuring you take on an appropriate role on a team that’s the right “fit” for you.

employee Experience


We like to say we have small teams of smart people. They are also very caring people. Our team members take advantage of opportunities to give back throughout the year by participating in Luxbill-sponsored projects, fundraisers, and charitable events. As a company, we are committed to making a difference within our core communities by investing time, money, and talent in causes we believe in.



Employees are compensated with time off for vacation and sick/personal days. Vacation accrual is based on years of service and ranges from 80 to 160 hours, as well as 40 hours per year of sick or personal leave. Part-time employees in California are eligible for three sick days per year. Holidays: Six days annually, plus two “floating holidays” chosen by the employee (from a pre-approved list).

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Luxbill helps companies connect with their customers in a whole new way. We are blazing new trails in IT Talent provisioning and ensuring that our partners, customers and employees are deriving everyday satisfaction while focusing on our mission of improving the state of the world. This is just one more reason why you will enjoy every day you spend as an associate at Luxbill

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