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At Luxbill, we believe employees are the greatest assets for any organization. Investing in the career growth of employees is known to reap ROIs both long and short term.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP Training

Luxbill  Technologies has a comprehensive repository for online courses offering high quality state-of-the-art IT and business related e-learning trainings and courses. Luxbill Offers its students a range of Oracle courses in alignment with Industry standards Oracle introduces new software packages frequently as such we ensure that our students and getting hands-on experience on the latest technology. Our candidates gain access to practical stimulation of latest updated versions of all software systems. We believe in training our professionals in a well conducive environment through simulative tutorials.

Our training programs are aimed at addressing technology skill gaps in public and private sector. Our candidates range from professionals in government agencies, private sector professionals and recent graduates who want to upskill before entering a competitive job market.

Luxbill trainers have industry-leading proficiency in Oracle Supply Chain Management, Financials, P2P & O2C Cycles with practical demonstration where trainees can create a dynamic model of the entire value chain and implement plans that predictably produce results. Key factors to enhance value are achieved by business strategy alignment, engineering and production can be implemented in real-time.

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Product Management - PM Training

Innovative products have constantly been introduced to the market place by product managers with radical ideas and a passion to innovate on behalf of the customer. From AirBnB to Uber, these products have radically transformed human societies and changed life in ways we would not have imagined in the last couple of decades.

Our product management training offers practical knowledge and skills delivered by expert, veteran Product Managers and alumni from reputed product-led organizations like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. No matter your course, you’ll emerge confident and prepared to build products that matter. Then, prove your worth by passing an independent certification exam from the Association of International Product Marketing and Management.

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